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Art Brushes Stained with Paint

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

  So wide was Christ's view of truth, so extended His teaching, that every phase of nature was employed in illustrating truth. The scenes upon which the eye daily rests were all connected with some spiritual truth, so that nature is clothed with the parables of the Master. (Christ Object Lessons, p. 20)

 It is our hope and prayer to share divine truths wth everyone that we may come in contact with. We believe that we are in the last moments of earth's history and now is the time to choose which side we'd like to be on. The history books are being written and we have an opportunity to choose Christ as our Savior before
the world and the universe. 
We'd love nothing more than to share these "present truths" with you as Christ has shared them with us. We're on a heavenward journey, join us as we experience the scriptures through the eyes of the Lord. We're going to illustrate "present truths" with the help of the Holy Spirit and you're invited to come along. 

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