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Working For Those Lost Coins

This campaign sets forth the loss of something which with proper search may be recovered, and that with great joy. The parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin represent different classes. (Read Luke 15)

· The lost sheep knows that it is lost. It has left the shepherd and the flock, and it cannot recover itself. It represents those who realize that they are separated from God and who are in a cloud of perplexity, in humiliation, and sorely tempted.

· The lost coin represents those who are lost in trespasses and sins, but who have no sense of their condition. They are estranged from God, but they know it not. Their souls are in peril, but they are unconscious and unconcerned.

In this parable Christ teaches that even those who are indifferent to the claims of God are the objects of His pitying love. They are to be sought for that they may be brought back to God. The sheep wandered away from the fold; it was lost in the wilderness or upon the mountains. The piece of silver was lost in the house (the house of God). It was close at hand, yet it could be recovered only by diligent search. The coin, though lying among dust and rubbish, is a piece of silver still. Its owner seeks it because it is of value. So every soul,   however degraded by sin, is in God’s sight accounted precious. As the coin bears the image and superscription of the reigning power, so man at his creation bore the image and superscription of God; and though now marred and dim through the influence of sin, the traces of this inscription remain upon every soul. God desires to recover that soul and to retrace upon it His own image in righteousness and holiness. {COL 194}

We need to search diligently for the lost coins. We need to light the candle and sweep the house. We need to remove everything that might obstruct our search. Though we may only know of one soul that is lost, we can not cease our efforts until that soul is found. Even in our families, if one member is lost to God every means should be used for his  recovery. Wherever we may be, there the lost piece of silver awaits our search. Are we seeking for it? Day by day we meet with those who take no interest in religious things; we talk with them, we visit among them; do we show an interest in their spiritual welfare? Do we present Christ to them as the sin-pardoning Saviour? With our own hearts warm with the love of Christ, do we tell them about that love? If we do not, how shall we meet these souls—lost, eternally lost—when with them we stand before the throne of God? 

This is an invitation to join us in working with the Lord for the retrieving of former Seventh-day Adventists in a non-traditional way. We’d like to begin by praying together for these souls. God needs Jets of Lights NOW!!!

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