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Building Materials and Prudence

"...and a prudent wife (or woman) is from the LORD." Pro. 19:14. Earlier we spoke about building a house which is really a two-fold message but for now let's talk surface. What does building houses and prudence have to do with each other? According to Webster, prudence means skill and good judgment in the use of resources. I believe that one should be prudent when building a house as not to be wasteful with the materials.

We are living in a perilous time and have been warned through the holy scriptures. Now is the time to be preparing as Sis. Noah was preparing for the flood to come. She and her family did not sit around believing that "God will make a way." Faith has a counterfeit and we know it as "Presumptuousness." It would have been fatal for Sis Noah and her family had she not excised faith in the Lord and practiced prudence during the probationary time before the flood.

Can you imagine what Sis Noah was thinking as her husband shared with her what God had shared with him? It had never rained, ever!!! "You want me to do what?" This is what I imagined her saying the first time she heard the news. Then believing that her husband was a God fearing man she followed in suit making things ready for the stay inside the ark. She made sure that the living quarters were comfortable for the necessary time allowed. She made sure that they would have sufficient food for everyone that may enter therein looking for refuge. She made sure..... What's the meaning of Prudence?

As God fearing women, are we being Prudent in Earth's final history?

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