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Why Country Queen?

Well, for me it was simple. "Fathers and mothers who possess a piece of land and a comfortable home are kings and queens." {Country Living, p. 18}

We are told in the word of God, "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding is it established." Proverbs 24:3. As a daughter, wife, and mother this text just resonated with me because beyond all things I want to see my family saved in the kingdom of God.

In God's plan for Israel every family had a home on the land, with sufficient ground for tilling. Thus were provided both the means and the incentive for a useful, industrious, and self-supporting life. And no devising of men has ever improved upon that plan. The earth has blessings hidden in her depths for those who have courage and will and perseverance to gather her treasures. {The Faith I Live By, p. 260}

Though you may not live in the country presently doesn't mean that you can't start where you are or maybe find someone in your area that may be willing to allow you to learn some important lessons on their property. See "Country Living" is not for hiding, it's for "Character Building." Fortunately, you can start where you are and the Lord will bless your efforts and willingness.

Are you a Country Queen?

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